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MATCpartners.org Undergoing a Makeover

Those of you paying attention will notice changes gradually occurring to the site.  You may have already noticed the appearance of a Photo Gallery.  Images from a gallery appear in random order in a sidebar "block".  Clicking on the photos take you to a larger view and a link at the bottom of the block takes you to the full photo gallery.

Here are some of the other changes you will see:

  • Columns in the Partnership and Agency list will be sortable, simply by clicking at the top of the column
  • Soon Partners will be able to add images to their listing.  This could be an image of an event, a location or even just the group's logo.
  • We hope to build in functionality that will allow partnerships to have multiple owners, so many people can "join" a partnership and be involved in updating data about the partnership.

There are also a lot of small changes that you probably won't see, that will make the website better, more secure and functional.  And we are planning a whole new section to support Service-Learning. 

In the meantime, if you want to add photos to the Gallery, please use the "Contact-us" form and explain your photos.

Stay Tuned!

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