Business Organization & Management

Project Info
Judy Reinders
Course Number: 
BADM 134
MATC Agency (Department): 
Most recent project completion date: 
May 21, 2010
Number of Students that participated: 
Total number of service hours completed by class: 
Community need or issue addressed by the Service-Learning project: 
Poverty (Hunger, Housing, Homelessness, Community and Economic Development, Employment)**
Community agency or organization served by the project: 

Students submitted business plans on behalf of Milwaukee Boys & Girls Club, Milwaukee County Parks, and local high schools for funding at Pepsi’s  This was a campaign aimed at increasing resources for local community organizations.

The Learning Objectives of the project: 
Business Event Planning
Financial Projecting
Which of these Service Learning Models was used?: 
Event Model (Students designed or assisted in a community event)
Types of assessment tools used to document and share lessons learned: 
Class discussion
Which MATC Core Abilities were met?: 
Communicate Effectively
Collaborate with Others
Respect Diversity
Demonstrate Responsibility
Think Critically
Utilize Technology
Apply Math and Science
AHA moments – transformational experiences reported, comments, lessons, suggestions for others, etc.: 
One of the classes had a visit from a Pepsi employee that discussed their commitment to the community by eliminating Superbowl ads this year and donating those funds to community projects. The students were quite impressed.