Intro to Digital Media

Project Info
David Thomas
Course Number: 
Vicom 150
MATC Agency (Department): 
Most recent project completion date: 
January 23, 2010
Number of Students that participated: 
Total number of service hours completed by class: 
Community need or issue addressed by the Service-Learning project: 
Other, Please describe:
Business Diversity
Community agency or organization served by the project: 
The Learning Objectives of the project: 
Learn to plan a project from inception to completion
Which of these Service Learning Models was used?: 
Product Model (Students created a product for the benefit of the community or agency)
Types of assessment tools used to document and share lessons learned: 
Class discussion
Which MATC Core Abilities were met?: 
Communicate Effectively
Collaborate with Others
Respect Diversity
Demonstrate Responsibility
Think Critically
Utilize Technology
AHA moments – transformational experiences reported, comments, lessons, suggestions for others, etc.: 
A client approached the college with high expectations, beyond the capability of our students. I convinced the client to find a corporate sponsor to pay a recent graduate to mentor the students and take primary responsibility for completion of the project. It worked great and was a win-win-win-win. The students, the graduate, the college and the agency all gained something.