NA/Division Wide

Project Info
David Thomas
Course Number: 
NA/Division Wide
Most recent project completion date: 
May 21, 2010
Number of Students that participated: 
Total number of service hours completed by class: 
Community need or issue addressed by the Service-Learning project: 
Poverty (Hunger, Housing, Homelessness, Community and Economic Development, Employment)**
Youth/Education (Youth Development, At-risk Youth, mentoring, tutoring, primary/secondary Education)**
Community agency or organization served by the project: 

This was not a classroom based service learning project but rather an initiative of our division to mentor high school students and, at the same time, expose our students to industry professionals.  We hired four work-study student interns to act as "Inter-mentors" to assist industry volunteers in showing high-school participants in the program about careers in the industry and help develop career skills.

The Learning Objectives of the project: 
Not directly related to a single course
Which of these Service Learning Models was used?: 
Placement Model (Student placed at an agency)
Mentored High School Students
Types of assessment tools used to document and share lessons learned: 
Other, Please describe:
To Be Determined
Which MATC Core Abilities were met?: 
Communicate Effectively
Collaborate with Others
Respect Diversity
Demonstrate Responsibility
Utilize Technology
AHA moments – transformational experiences reported, comments, lessons, suggestions for others, etc.: 
It is still too early to tell. As per your comment above, I need to conduct a follow-up/reflection meeting with the students.