Advisory Committee for Visual Communications

Partnership Type: 
Advisory Committee
Curriculum Review
Partnership Level: 
4. Cooperative Relationship

Members of the committee consist of the faculty from the Dept of Visual Communications and professionals from the community who work in that field. We meet regularly to develop the curriculum towards relevance in the public world. We track industry trends, link the programming to the professional world, and organize visits of students to advisory committees and provide linkages to internships within organizations. 

Membership Includes:

  1. Jon Chapman , R.A. Smith & Associates, Inc.   
  2. Dustin Dupree , Discovery World 
  3. Jason Evans , G. S. Design 
  4. Mark Irving , iLevel Media 
  5. Brad Krause , Radiancee Media(Self Employed)
  6. Josh Rasmussen , Midland Video Production 
  7. Mike Roth , BVK 
  8. Jackie Schneider , Johnson Controls 
  9. Tom Snyder , Trivera Interactive 
  10. Matt Wooten , Planetarium Producer 



MATC Employees engaged: 
Susan Retzer
James MacDonald
John Grozik
Thay Yang
Charisse Place
Contact Person external to MATC: 
Phone Number: 
1 (414) 297-6433
MATC Agency (Department): 
Business & Information Technology