eCommerce/Web Administration A.A.S. Degree Program - Advisory Committee

Partnership Type: 
Advisory Committee
Partnership Level: 
2. Service Relationship

MATC's occupational programs are advised by external committees made-up of incumbent workers, program graduates and supervisors of employees in the occupation.


With MATC faculty and staff serving as resources, the committees are linked to the curriculum development process by providing insight and direction based on professional experiences.


Program advisory committees assist in maintaining programs that are technologically current and responsive to workforce needs.


The committees are critical in occupational program development, modification, and discontinuance.


Industry Members Include


William Kellner - JCP Logistics LP

Greg Kosmeder - JC Penny

Adonica Randall - Connection Stratagies, Ent., Inc.

Greg Ryan - Ecommandos

Eric Rehl - Robert W. Baird

Chris Remington - Trivera Interactive

Ryan Schmidt - Midwest Airlines

Eileeen Soto - eSoto Solution. LLC

Roxanne Baumann - WMEP

Scott Isaacs - Fullhouse

Jason Evans - GS Design

Paul Guellar - Hanson Dodge Creative, Inc.

Patrick Torhorst - Quest CE




MATC Employees engaged: 
Steve Burleson
Rich Busalacchi
Jonathan Meersmen
Suzanne Moore
MariJo Travis
Contact Person external to MATC: 
Business & Information Technology