MCA-I / Educators partnership

Partnership Type: 
Professional Association
Partnership Level: 
1. Sharing Relationship

This is a networking and mentoring type of partnership.

The Media Communications Association - International, Milwaukee Chapter provides networking opportunities for students by allowing students to attend meeting free of charge.  MCA-I strives to hold at least one meeting annually that is student-focused and can showcase student work and provide professional feedback.  MCA-I includes an educator list in it's Newsletter Emails and attempts to involve educators in its leadership committee.

MCA-I members are also informed of and invited to participate in MATC events such as Portfolio night.  MCA-I members have served as advisory committee members and on special advisory summits at MATC.

MATC Employees engaged: 
David Thomas
John Grozic
Alain DeMars
Contact Person external to MATC: 
Michael Brown
List of Stakeholders: 
MATC Graphic Arts Students
MATC TV/Video Students
Non-broadcast Video Production community
Vendors and suppliers to the industry
MATC Agency (Department):