North Region Academic Partnership (NRAP)

Partnership Type: 
K-12 Articulation
Partnership Level: 
1. Sharing Relationship


Bring all of the 10 regional schools in the North area to ensure there is smooth artciulation agreements to graduate from highschool and enter MATC. 

To look at dual-credit enrollment activities. 

Share best practices between MATC and faculty and staff

Identify technology needs and resources that districts need and for MATC to meet those needs

Provide support around grants and development

10 schools

MATC Employees engaged: 
Dr. Townsend
Dr. Terry Ferkins
Jonathan Feld
Barbara Cannell
Contact Person external to MATC: 
Terry Brickland
List of Stakeholders: 
Brown Deer Highschool
Germantown Highschool
Nicolet Highschool
Grafton Highschool
Port Washington
MATC Agency (Department):