Service-Learning at Journey House

Partnership Type: 
CBO (Community Based Organization)
Service Learning
Partnership Level: 
3. Exchange Relationship

Service-Learning at Journey House: 

Placements at Journey House work toward a  mission "to increase education, reduce unemployment & crime, strengthen families, and revitalize neighborhoods" while using a self-help philosophy.  Tutoring and program development are needed at multiple locations, including the Adult Learning Center, the Youth Center, the Journey House Soccer League, Allen Field Elementary Shcool, Longfellow Elementary School, Gustav A. Fritsche Middle School, and Humboldt Park K-8 School. 

MATC Employees engaged: 
Dr. Courtney Marlaire
Suzanne Goodrich
Service-Learning Team
Contact Person external to MATC: 
Gina Gomez, Michele Bria
List of Stakeholders: 
MATC students
Journey House clients
MATC Agency (Department): 
Community Agency: 
Office of Engaged and Service Learning